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About Me and My Approach

About Me and My Approach

I am a person-centred therapeutic counsellor. This means working with people by supporting them in an empathic, non-judgemental way to discover within themselves where their issues lie and to find a path to change and relief from suffering. 

Whether the issue is general mental health, anxiety, stress, relational issues, depression, grief and loss, or many other difficulties you might be suffering from, we can work together to uncover what it is that may be holding you back from your potential and finding greater ease in life.


By establishing a relationship of trust and empathic listening a space can open up where a deeper level of ourselves is able to come to light. What needs to be seen and experienced is then available to us and the issues we are facing are able to find resolution. Through this, old habits can be let go of. 

Personal difficulty can come in many forms some of which might be frightening and confusing. Often there are within our minds, patterns of being and relating, that though they may once have served us, now only seem to hold us back. By uncovering these patterns and bringing awareness and compassion to our experience we are able to let go of these.

As a therapist I help you to create the conditions whereby you can look more deeply at you experience in a safe way. In essence it is about helping you find what is needed within yourself to effect change.

The integrative approach means I have awareness in many of the various fields of psychotherapy. This helps to create understanding of the differing issues that come from our minds and emotions.

I am also trained and have long experience of working through mindfulness. This approach helps to ground experience in the body and is more like to lead to lasting change and deeper insights. I am a mindfulness and meditation teacher with over 30 years experience. 

I may also use tools such as Focusing and Working at Relational Depth to help you access your experience on a deeper level. 

One of my areas of experience and interest is existential therapy . Often our personal issues can stem from deeper questions about life and our place within it. These are questions that I have been exploring in myself and helping others with for several decades.



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