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Mark Hewitson

Hello and Welcome.

I am a qualified and experienced BACP Registered Counsellor working in the Bristol and Monmouth/Wye Valley areas.

Choosing to start with counselling or therapy can be a big decision and trying to find the right counsellor or therapist may seem difficult.


Although we may be aware of some different kinds of therapy, and this might affect our choice, counselling is also about finding the right person for you.


Here you will find a safe and encouraging space where there will be help for you to understand the issues that are important and work towards deeper understanding and greater freedom in your life.


I work from dedicated therapy clinics in both Bristol and Monmouth and also offer online counselling if you are unable to come in-person or feel this is the better option for you. 


In order to start the process of helping you decide, you can come for a free first session to help see if you feel I might be the right person to help you.

Please see my contact details below:

What I do

Person-Centred Integrative Counselling:


Person-centred means that the focus is on the particular individual and their needs. Enabling people to develop a more positive relationship to themselves and a more creative and effective life. 

The integrative approach means having awareness in various aspects of psychotherapy. This helps to tailor the process to what works best for you.

In addition to us talking, it might also include focussing on mindfulness within the body and emotions; working with particular thought patterns that are arising; or it might also mean exploring your inner world through images or dreams or movement.

Once it becomes clearer where the issues are

then we can look at what can change and the most effective ways to bring this about that are achievable for you in your life at the moment.

King Protea

Contact Me:

Tel: 07934 487175


Hour long sessions  - £50 

I offer a free first session to enable you to see whether you feel that I might be the the right person to help you.

I work in Bristol as well as Monmouth in Wales

Although I believe that counselling and therapy achieve most when done face to face and in-person, I am also available for online sessions, if this is best for your circumstances.

Clinic Addresses:

Bristol Therapy Rooms

10-12 Picton Street





NP25 3UA

Contact me:

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